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2020年6月14日 Scaniaのディーラーに行き、「Scania R(RJL)Normal」を選択することで使える。 スキンmodやサウンドmodは新たにこのmod専用に導入が必要。 ets2.ltなどで、「Scania rjl skin」など 

View allAll Photos Tagged madster. (DOWNLOAD) Step One Spedition Skin Pack by R3AP3R. 49 1. Download SkinPack: ❗️Required Mods: Krone Megaliner by Sogard3.

300 downloads PaZzMod V 1.2.02 | Salton Sea A 9 comments | 834 downloads Rotas Brasil 1.37 2 comments | 639 downloads Scania Touring [1.37, 1.38] 15 comments | 140995 downloads Indian sleeper coach bus Volvo 266 downloads Volvo VNL 2019 v2.25 ATS (1.38) 2 comments | 357 downloads ROTAS JOSIMAR MAP MOD [Extreme 2020-07-14 09:02:57 Ets 2 Skins 1.37.x 1 First Combo Pack (Cisterne Menci + Krone Profiliner) from the great germanBrewerie WARSTEINER in Warstein/Germany. Inside also an Update of the first Combo! May 18, 2017 · This is the official webpage of the Frosty Winter Weather Mod for ETS2. This high resolution graphics and weather mod simulates winter. Key Features Old roads, fields, grass & other textures replaced with higher res versions Frosty winter weather and environment Snow/Sleet instead of rain Random cloudy, foggy and sunny weather More sky textures おまけその2. 現在入れている自作&野良MOD . SleepMOD. ドライバー視点からさらにベッドのある位置まで視点を進めることが出来ます。 通常はここまでしか視点移動出来ません。 このMODを入れると更に視点が動いていき・・・ ベッドまで動かす事が出来ます。 [ETS2 v1.33] Bus Terminal - Stop & Passenger Mod [ETS2 v1.33] Tandem addon for Scania Next Generati [ETS2 v1.33] Mercedes Actros MP1 v1.1 + ALL DLC´s [ETS2 v1.33] Mercedes New Actros 1845 Euro6 Sound [ETS2 v1.33] Tandem Addon for RJL Scania RS & R4 b [ETS2 v1.33] Ownable Overweight Trailer Goldhofer Nov 05, 2013 · Hi! Everytime when i make a trailer skin mod by using your Ets2 studio,the trailer mod will crash the simulation/game when i go to the game and open the place where i can see all the trailers.I mean i can see the my unique trailer name there,but after few seconds the game will crash and i do not now why because everytime when i try to make a trailer skin i use the help guide as a guide so that

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Truck may look similar but experienced truck driver knows that they can differ a lot. Some are for bigger and heavier cargoes, other for smaller and lighter ones. Weather and roads also have significant impact to the right truck selection. For this reason we suggest wide range of Euro truck simulator 2 Trucks Mods for every driver’s needs. Take a look to ETS2 Mods Trucks list and see all the Skin for Scania R4 by RJL ETS2. ETS2 Skins. 8 Jul, 2020. Aston Martin New Vantage 24h LeMans Combo Skin Pack ETS2. MOD JETBUS HD2 ETS 2. 2 Apr, 2016. ETS2 Cars. Scaniaトラックのカスタムmod: 入手場所: 1.23.x⇛ 備考: Scaniaのディーラーに行き、「Scania R(RJL)Normal」を選択することで使える。 スキンmodやサウンドmodは新たにこのmod専用に導入が必要。 ets2.ltなどで、「Scania rjl skin」などと検索し適用する必要が 対応SCANIAは、ゲーム純正「SCANIA R」「SCANIA Streamline」、およびRJL氏の「SCANIA RS(SCANIA RJL)」MODにも対応。 SCANIAの上記サウンドに参照値を取る他MODについても適応可です。 1.30より今回から、ISUZU GIGA - 整備士様、HINO Profia - Himopan様、HINO New Profia - Himopan様のMODに 『Euro Truck Simulator 2』新拡張「Road to the Black Sea」発表―今度は黒海西岸へ進出 2019.5.11 Sat 17:34 『Euro Truck Simulator 2』新DLC「Beyond the Baltic Sea」11月30日配信開始―バルト三国を駆け抜けろ 2018.11.26 Mon 11:00 『Euro Truck Simulator 2』向け日本マップModのベータ版が公開中!

Changelog V2.2.3 to V2.2.4:-Updated the mod for 1.35 patch-Fixed errors with baked models-Updated axle weight values-Updated mirrors for head position-based FOV rendering (I should\’ve done it for 1.31 already but forgot it at the

2017/12/13 This mod is an add-on for version 10 & 11 (game version 1.32+) of my Scania Accessory Pack to allow compatibility between it and some of the new parts in the Mighty Griffin DLC for Scania 2016. It is required if you own the DLC, other wise some MG parts 2017/08/17 2019/10/25 GTM RJL Lobars v2 Simple, yet hopefully effective, mod adds new Lobars and Spoilers in multiple variants each. Fitted individually for each bumper. Fully standalone mod, it doesn’t replace anything. Works with RJL’s Scania R 2019/03/29 Scania RJL R & S Nor Cargo Skin Published: 20 February 2018 Category: Scania Hits: 2589 Transport K Lindholm & Co Paintjobs Published: 03 February 2018 Category: Scania Hits: 6047 Published: 28 January Published: 14

おまけその2. 現在入れている自作&野良MOD . SleepMOD. ドライバー視点からさらにベッドのある位置まで視点を進めることが出来ます。 通常はここまでしか視点移動出来ません。 このMODを入れると更に視点が動いていき・・・ ベッドまで動かす事が出来ます。


Jetta 2000 Addon for RJL compatible 1.36 - Description: I repare the sidelight for the mirrors and made compatible for the bumper by mc custom This addon adds additional tuning for Scania RS & T as well as for Scania 4 series